Sunday, October 27th, 2019

October 26: Immersion with Jillian Pransky at Inlet Yoga in Manasquan and Photography Sessions with Robert Sturman in Asbury Park

Yoga Festival

VibeWell brings together the very best yoga instructors, wellness experts, and leaders in healthy living for one transformational day of practice, connection, and community.

Find yourself deeply immersed in yoga, meditation, social gatherings and thought-provoking presentations in intimate venues sprinkled throughout the amazing Asbury Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ.

Asbury Park has a unique vibration that has consistently inspired creative collaboration, artistic evolution, empowered expression, and a non-judgmental lifestyle grounded in universal loving-kindness.


Asbury Hotel – Asbury Lanes
The Danny Clinch Gallery


Sunday, October 27, 2019


Vibewell Festival

Event Schedule

Join us on October 27, 2019 to explore everything the VibeWell Yoga Festival has to offer.

Our VibeWell teachers have carefully created their offerings for students on “all levels” from the most experienced, meditating, levitating master yogis to the newest students, who literally just pulled the tags off their first mats.

Asbury Hall

  • 7:00am

  • 8:00am
    Bridget Riepl – Rise and Release

    Rise and Release with
    Birdget Riepl

    You’ve awakened with one intention: to vibe really well. Start your festival experience with VibeWell’s founder, Bridget Riepl, and get ready to love this beautiful life during 45 blissful minutes of soul-shifting movement and meditation, surrounded by an intimate group of yogis ready to tap into their natural radiance, get unstuck, magnetize the miraculous, and have the best day ever. The first 50 yogis to sign up for this class will be guaranteed a set of Sound Off headphones, the perfect accessory for a powerful flow in the pursuit of peace. Our noise-isolating headsets will cocoon each yogi by guarding against every distraction so that you can go DEEP.

  • 9:00am
    Karena Virginia – Inner Bliss, Outer Glow

    Inner Bliss, Outer Glow with
    Karena Virginia

    Are old wounds keeping you from living, loving, and flourishing in the world like you want to be? Unhealed past trauma can permeate our spirit, rob us of our natural radiance, and create barriers to feelings of inner peace. Are you stuck? Are you ready to attract a miracle? Do you know how powerful your subtle body is? You have everything within you already to glow and magnetize the miraculous. It just takes a bit of gardening and fertilizing through the magical science of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan to elevate your frequency and draw everything to you. The impossible is possible now more than ever. Reclaim your inner bliss and enhance your outer glow in this extremely healing workshop acclaimed Kundalini Yoga teacher, Karena Virginia. Through this extraordinary blend of discussion, Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, meditation, healing you will discover:Techniques to enhance personal confidence, boost your resilience, heal ancestral wounds, and enliven your intimate relationships Kundalini yoga to raise your vibration and improve your overall well-being How to strengthen your relationship to the divine and begin creating miracles Connect with your angels and feel how very loved you are. It is your time to shine. Can you empower your inner light and allow yourself to GLOW?

  • 11:00am
    Jillian Pransky
    – Aligning with the Rhythm and Wisdom of Autumn

    Aligning with the Rhythm and Wisdom of Autumn with Jillian Pransky

    Centered, clear, and connected. Come join Jillian to harness the season's transformational energy. Autumn brings us both change and reconnection; good-bye and hello; transition and transformation. It is an essential time to pause, as we flow between the expansion of summer and contraction of winter. To fortify our inner resources, like a tree pulling in sap. Weaving together mindful chakra-flow yoga, mantra, restoratives, meditation and essential teachings from her new book, Deep Listening, Jillian will guide you to release blocked energy, surrender layers of deeply held tension, and nurture your capacity for greater joy, compassion, insight, and connectedness. You will finish feeling clear, connected, inspired, and deeply nourished. Ready to harness this season's transformation energy! This class will feature live music from Scott E. Moore, who will support our trip through the chakras with a blend of modern ambient beauty and sultry rhythm and blues.

  • 1:30pm
    Ellen Mosko
    – Abundant Lotus: A Hip-Opening Journey and Mythology Workshop

    Abundant Lotus: A Hip-Opening Journey and Mythology Workshop
    with Ellen Mosko

    We will practice a variety of hip-opening postures, utilizing both yin and yang styles, to encourage a release of tensions in both muscles and mind. One of the major hip-flexor muscles, the Psoas, is associated with our fight or flight response. Targeting this area to relax and soften will instead stimulate the rest and digest response. As the hips continue to soften we'll practice the actions for lotus or half lotus posture. Using the wall, props and your own awareness you'll be encouraged to work at your own pace to express the fullness of the pose in your unique style. Throughout the workshop, we’ll discuss one of the myths of Lakshmi whose beauty, wealth and abundant blessings are a gift to all.

Asbury Lanes

  • 7:00am

  • 8:30am
    Johnny Scifo – 75 Minutes to Awakening

    75 Minutes to Awakening with
    Johnny Scifo

    The healing traditions of Yoga, Buddhism, and Shamanism offer us practices to cultivate strength, love, and power, transforming us and our surroundings into Heaven on Earth. By properly managing energy, the awakened being sees all of life’s offerings and recognizes abundance available in each moment. Featuring pranayama, a gong bath, qi gong and asana, drumming meditation, and a sound bath savasana, this mixed modality practice will show you precisely where your energy is stuck and will provide the system shock necessary to realign your practice with true growth instead of chasing bliss. Find out what kind of seeker you are, and where to focus your energy next. The transformative nature of awakening comes through practice. Join us.

  • 10:00am
    Phyllicia Bonanno – Goddess Flow: Opening Your Heart & Awakening Your Soul

    Goddess Flow: Opening Your Heart and Awakening Your Soul with
    Phyllicia Bonanno

    Phyllicia is a yoga teacher, advocate for mindful living, sound healer, and the co-founder of the Sisters of Yoga.

  • 11:45am
    Vanessa Van Noy
    – Letting Go of the Physical (Because it Can’t Always Be a Tight Asana)

    Letting Go of the Physical (Because it Can’t Always Be a Tight Asana) with Vanessa Van Noy

    Our bodies change. Our practices transform. We age. We get injured. We learn. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice and yet our attention gets stuck on perfecting poses, Instagram envy style. Join Vanessa for what might be one of the most important classes you ever take - a yoga flow fully focused on shifting your headspace from the shock and awe of the asana to the inner work. This practice was designed for yogis of all levels. Expect adjustments, assists, and a whole new sense of awareness that will undoubtedly weave into your life, on the mat and off.

  • 1:30pm
    Jess Stickler
    – Jivamukti

    with Jess Stickler

    Jessica is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher since 2008, and also serves as a mentor in Jivamukti's Teacher Training program. She teaches classes and workshops internationally in Australia, Germany, Trinidad, and the Czech Republic. She loves to teach a wide range of students from beginners through advanced practitioners, and has worked closely with those who are recovering from injury. Jessica's classes incorporate dynamic movement, choreographic sequencing, with special attention to alignment and modification options. Classes are infused with a variety of inspiring music, meditation, and yoga philosophy.

  • 3:00pm
    Robert Sturman
    – A Photographic Exploration of the Power of Yoga to Unite People Across Cultural and Physical Divides

    A Photographic Exploration of the Power of Yoga to Unite People Across Cultural and Physical Divides
    with Robert Sturman

    oin world-renowned artist/photographer, Robert Sturman, as he and his camera take us around the globe. This photographic exploration highlights the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides. Sturman’s work has given him the opportunity to make art with yogis in Kenya, Italy, Thailand, Israel, Cuba, to name but a few. From United States prisons to orphanages in Africa and the streets of Palestine, he has photographed all walks of life, embodying yoga poses with equanimity and grace. So many people, so many stories: breast cancer survivors, Maasai Warriors, Hasidic Jews, police officers, soldiers and inmates serving life sentences, each one a unique expression of humanity. "For me, making art is about much more than a pretty picture. My responsibility as an artist is to capture the intrinsic beauty and irreducible value of every subject, to awaken compassion and to use art to inspire humanity to move forward, reaching towards our greatest potential.” Robert will also be sharing a few secrets on how to make powerful, poetic images, celebrating the beautiful art of yoga. One of these secrets is already within your grasp, as many of his published works have been captured through the lens of his phone.

Danny Clinch Gallery

  • 7:00am

  • 8:00am
    April Puciata and Bridget Lyons – Meditation and Sound Healing

    Meditation and Sound Healing with
    April Puciata and Bridget Lyons

  • 10:30am
    Bailey Frumen – Own Your Power

    Own Your Power with
    Bailey Frumen

    Cultivate your deepest goals and desires, and step into Owning Your Power. This workshop will guide you through the necessary steps to slow down, clear your mind, and begin to create space to live your greatest life.

  • 12:30pm
    A Panel Discussion
    – Inclusivity in the Practice of Yoga

    Inclusivity in the Practice of Yoga A Panel Discussion

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vi·be·well: /vīb/wel/

1. To radiate positive energy.
2. To attract high frequency, spiritually uplifting experiences, and connections.

Example: “We just vibewell; when we are together, it’s as if I have confidence and positivity running through my veins.”

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